Ball And Roller Slewing Ring Bearing

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The utility model discloses a ball roller bearing, comprising an inner and outer bearing ring and a ball ball, which is characterized by a pulley roller 4 externally cut to them and fixed on a circular belt-shaped dust ring 6 on both sides between each adjacent ball ball 3.There is no sliding friction around the ball, the roller edge does not contact the inner and outer bearing ring and the two sides of the dust ring, the rolling direction is opposite to the ball rolling direction, friction resistance is small, improve mechanical efficiency, reduce energy consumption;The dust ring is connected with the roller, and horizontally positioned by contact with the ball point. Restricted by a circle of ball, it is concentric with the inner and outer bearing ring, synchronizing with the ball rotation, effectively preventing dust intrusion, reducing wear and prolonging the service life.


Principal right requirements: a ball roller bearings, bearing ring (1), and between the outer bearing ring (2) with a ball (3), its characteristic is between every two adjacent ball (3) equipped with a pulley roller (4), pulley roller (4) the grooves between the waist and the adjacent two ball (3) cut, smooth wheel roller (4) through the axis of round hole from the shaft pin (5) is fixed on both sides of the circle band shield (6), dustproof ring (6) point contact ball bearings in a circle (3).


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