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With over 40 years of experience and knowledge,  slewing ring bearings have the durability that you need and can depend on. Our slewing ring bearings are commonly used in the Infrastructure, Recovery, Energy & Marine markets custom built for each application.

With capacities up to 6 ft (1.8m) in outside diameter and bending moment up to 3M ft-lbs (4MNm), our slewing ring bearings can handle a wide range of requirements.  Mate with our planetary or worm gear drive for an efficient and convenient package.

Bearing Number Bore Dia Outer DIa Width Size
VSA250855-N slewing ring bearing Nylon Grip Tight Ball Bear Steel Normal Duty
VSU200744 Four point contact ball bearings (no gear teeth) Round Yes Single Lip Steel
XSU080398 rotary axis bearing for CNC machine crossed cylindrical roller Grip Tight Nylon Single Lip Cast Iron
XV40 Crossed Roller Bearing Max Life Cage Cast Iron Round Steel
Revolving platforms slewing ring MTO-143T 3.6 LB Nylon Non-Expansion Wide Slot Take-Up
RKS.921150303001 crossed roller slew bearing Round Yes Single Lip Steel
XSA140544-N Crossed roller slewing bearings Max Life Cage Cast Iron Round Steel
XSI140944-N Crossed roller bearing 3.6 LB Nylon Non-Expansion Wide Slot Take-Up
SX011814 Robotic high rigidity Crossed Roller Bearing Manufacture China Max Life Cage Cast Iron Round Steel
VSU200414 Four point contact ball bearings (no gear teeth) 3.6 LB Nylon Non-Expansion Wide Slot Take-Up
VLU200414 Four Point Contact Ball Slewing Bearing Max Life Cage Cast Iron Round Steel
VLU200414 Light series rotary table bearings 3.6 LB Nylon Non-Expansion Wide Slot Take-Up

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Why bearing is used in motor?

  • 1、There are two main types of load that act on the bearings of a motor – radial and axial. Radial – A radial load is defined as a load that is applied perpendicular to 
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What is types of bearing?

  • 1、Jun 19, 2017 — There are as many as 40 different ball bearing types, roller bearing types, plane bearing heads, journal bearing heads, bushing type. That's just 
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How do you identify ball bearings?

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What is a bearing in a machine?

  • 1、If your washing machine is rumbling, the main suspect is usually the drum bearing. This replacement bearing ball might solve your problem with very noisy ...
  • 2、This article is a guide to the major factors that can lead to bearing failure as ... you have already taken a big step toward limiting machine failures.
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  • 5、Cylindrical roller bearings are commonly used in general machine applications including gearboxes, transmissions, machine tools and construction equipment.
  • 6、Feb 7, 2020 — The overall purpose of a spindle bearing is to enhance and streamline spindle movement to ensure optimal machine speed and accuracy. Bearings ...
  • 7、NKE develops bearing solutions for many types of electric machines, such as electric motors of various sizes and for various applications.
  • 8、Ball Bearing Types (Rotary). Source: Shigley JE, Mischke CR, Mechanical Engineering Design. ME EN 7960 – Precision Machine Design – Rolling Contact Bearings.

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  • 6、The bearing makes many of the machines we use every day possible. Without bearings, we would be constantly replacing parts that wore out from friction.
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What is bearing surveying?

  • 1、by R Maki — Bearing trees are a special kind of witness tree which the surveyors notched, blazed, and scribed in a standard way to facilitate the relocation of the survey ...
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What things have bearings?

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  • 5、These include ball bearings, roller bearings, ball thrust bearings, roller thrust ... like conveyer belt rollers, where they must hold heavy radial loads.
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What is bearing and its uses?

  • 1、... other structural material, with its rubbing surface or surfaces lined with bearing material. ... engines (in which field it is now completely dominant),· and its use is
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  • 4、Roller thrust bearings use rollers similar to other types of roller bearings ... scale, while other ball bearings adhere to ISO or its regional equivalent (DIN, KS, etc.) 
  • 5、be clearly and completely informed of its legal obligations. ... bearing for use in automotive engine cooling systems.25 Due to its versatile design, this bearing 
  • 6、... and dimensions, which determine its suitability for the given type of application. ... The use of a radial double row bearing or a double row angular contact ball 
  • 7、Mar 25, 2019 — Bearing is a mechanical element which allows motion between two rotating parts. An example of such rotating parts are shaft and its housing
  • 8、Jan 22, 2015 — Finally, a plain thrust bearing is designed to do the same job as its roller ... but instead of using cone shaped rolling elements, the bearing uses 

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